Bill Burr: New Stand Up Special!

Bill Burr: New Stand Up Special!
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That’s right! Bill Burr announced today that he was releasing his new stand up special, “You People Are All The Same” exclusively on Netflix on August 16th (available at 6AM PST). After months of salivating in anticipation week after week for the MM Podcast, fans got much more than another hilarious podcast. Burr didn’t waste anyone’s time and got right to it, announcing the special about 10 minutes into the podcast. You got to give it to the guy, he won’t sell out and is staying true to the Bill Burr we all know and love. He could have marketed the crap out of this special, made appearances on numerous shows, taken part in interviews, and made us wait for months and months. But instead he drops the bomb in a podcast and tells us that it is just a few days away! I am not to sure if it is a common occurrence, to have a special released on Netflix, but it is a genius move on Bill Burr’s part. He already has a cult following of loyal fans who will devour this as soon as it is released. He only stands to gain more with this move. Doing it this way only makes the guy more relatable and shows that he is in it for the comedy and the fans, not just the money. This solidifies everything he has represented to this point. Too often we see celebrities, musician, and comedians sell out. Not Bill Burr. So if your not a fan you should be. Check him out this Thursday, August 16th! (I’m calling in sick)

It is time to go on the record and say that Bill Burr is the best comedian alive.

Careful when you jump on…..this bandwagon is moving fast.

Check out the announcement podcast here.

Bill Burr’s MM Podcast


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Bill Burr: New Stand Up Special!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. Fat Tony August 14, 2012 at 2:03 pm -

    This mick keeps it real like all you colored peoples are always im kidding blacks im really jelous deep down inside. Much love Bill